Specialty Real Estate Photography


There is some specialty photography that we also do. These are not part of the normal listing photography that we do, but can really help a listing stand out.


Faux Twilight: Turn that standard daytime photo into a gorgeous Twilight shot.


Twilight Photo: For certain photos, we are able to create a faux twilight photo using Photoshop. We are now offering this instead of the more complicated lit Twilight photo which is much more expensive to do and you only get one shot. These are still available on a special consideration. Contact for more info.


Subdivision/Condo Amenities Photos: Some photos of the amenities for certain subdivisions and condos. These include front entrances, pools, fountains, parks, public docks, etc. If we don't have your subdivision or condo done already, we will take them and add them to our library.


Faux Twilight


Certain exterior photos can easily be converted to a Twilight shot that will really grab your attention amidst the dozens of standard listing photos of other agents.


These actually work best on overcast or partly cloudy days. Strong sun makes them harder. So, don't fret when the weather is a little gray for your shoot. It could work to your advantage! Especially since we regularly change the gray sky into a nice

 blue one for free! This applies even more to houses that are in a lot of trees like those on St. Simons.


Top: Partly Cloudy to Twilight

Bottom: Overcast to Blue Sky to Twilight

Twilight Photo (offered only in special cases)


This photo (yes, it is for one photo) takes 30-45 minutes on site to make it (with dozens and sometimes hundreds of photos taken) and then combining the best of each of those photos to make one fantastic photo. It takes hours to make the finished product. Check out the Before/After here to see the difference. Then watch the sped up video to see how it is made.


Subdivision/Condo Amenities Photos


Some subdivisions have a lot of amenities. They are not part of the listing, but they do get the benefit of using them.


If you want amenities photos, we either have them or can get them. They can be shots of:

  • Entry Signs
  • Pool / Hot Tub
  • Community Dock
  • Playground
  • Tennis Courts
  • Gazebo / Picnic Areas


We can provide those photos as well. If you don’t see the subdivision listed, just write it in and we will add it to our Library. Comment about any specifics you may know about.

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