Prepare For The Shoot



TOP TIPS (Do these if nothing else):

  • Turn ON all overhead lights (cans and hanging lights). Do not worry about lamps.
  • Turn OFF all ceiling fans.
  • Turn OFF all TVs.
  • Remove cars from Driveway. Park down the street or in garage. Do not park in front of the house.
  • Remove trash cans. Place in garage or somewhere hidden.
  • Remove Pet items (feeding bowls, cat trees, dog beds, toys, etc)
  • Hide all Children's Toys. Place large ones in garage or small closets.
  • Remove items from Kitchen counters. Coffee maker is alright to leave.
  • Remove all items on Bathroom counters. Hide in cabinets.
  • Make beds


The photographer moves quickly and you will not have time to move things from one room to another. Please have everything hidden ahead of time.


General Tips for all over:

  • De-clutter, less is more in pictures.
  • Vacuum, mop, clean countertops, windows and mirrors.
  • Replace all bulbs that are burned out.
  • Remove personal items and pictures.
  • If you have nice flooring, remove floor rugs.
  • Put away all knick knacks. Show off your countertops, fireplace, floors, windows, views, walls, and most importantly your space.
  • Remove all guns, bats, or items used as weapons from the room.



  • Front Door is very important, make sure it is clean.
  • Clean up the yard by trimming shrubs, mowing, and planting colorful plants
  • Remove all empty planters or dead plants.
  • Sweep porch, clean concrete and driveways.
  • Hide all outdoor toys.
  • Clean shutters and windows.
  • Remove cob webs.
  • Put water hoses out of view.



  • Clean your porch, pressure wash, check the brick or siding for mold.
  • If you have outdoor furniture clean it, remove cobwebs, dirt, and make it look fresh and clean.
  • Hide toys
  • Add container plants with bright flowers to add color.
  • Open all umbrellas.
  • Clean up pet waste and pet toys.


Pool Area

  • Hide all pool cleaning tools.
  • Turn on lights, fountains or any water features.
  • Remove garden hoses from pool (robot vacuums are ok).
  • Arrange outdoor furniture around the pool so the pool area looks appealing.



  • Remove refrigerator magnets, papers and personal pictures.
  • Put away pot holders, paper towels and remove all hanging towels.
  • Hide garbage can and remove any dishes from the sink.


Eat in Kitchen and Dining Room

  • Straighten all chairs
  • Remove any child seats, booster chairs and high chairs.
  • Clean light fixtures over tables and make sure all bulbs are working and the same type of bulb.


Family Room

  • Remove magazines, kid’s toys, and baby gear.
  • Clean furniture and lamp shades. Fluff up pillows.
  • Clean all window treatments.
  • Only one decorative throw on furniture.



  • Hide dangling cords.
  • Remove all personal items from nightstands and dressers.
  • Clean under bed, remove any items that you can see, they will show in the pictures.
  • Remove diaper genies and trash cans.
  • Hide robes, clothes, belts and shoes.



  • Clear off countertops completely.
  • Remove hand soap, medication, deodorant, toothbrushes and toothbrush holders.
  • Put away all bathroom appliances.
  • Remove all wash cloths, shampoo, soap, sponges and razors from the shower and tub area.
  • Remove floor rugs to show off flooring.
  • Put the toilet lids down.
  • Remove any dirty laundry, laundry baskets and dirty bath towels, etc.


Congratulations on the decision to put your house on the market. Your photos on the MLS are your best marketing tool and they will need to look amazing. Make Your First Impression Count. Most buyers begin looking for their home online. It has been said that you have about 8 seconds to grab potential buyer’s attention. Web Appeal is the new Curb Appeal. I want the photos I take to show your home at its best. With my experience, I have come up with a list of suggestions to help you prepare for picture day. I look forward to meeting you and taking the photos of your home.


Copyright laws,, apply to the photos I am taking and the photos have been sold and licensed to your realtor, for a one time use. I give permission for you, your friends, family, etc and your realtor, to share the photos on social media, to promote your home, during the time your home is listed with your current realtor.

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